a magazine about the state we’re in
with all profits going to out-of-work artists & creatives

The Magazine

LIMBO MAGAZINE is a not-for-profit venture to support unemployed artists and creatives.

We’ve assembled a team of out-of-work editors, designers, writers, illustrators, and artists and asked them to reimagine what a magazine might look like for the state we’re in. Submissions from an incredible cast of contributors bring it to life.

Our aim is to provide much-needed work, a positive outlet for creative energy, and—along the way—a time capsule of this strange moment.


LIMBO works as a profit share, with all funds raised from advertising and issue sales going directly to our contributors and staff. Many of our more established contributors have donated their work and waived their fee so that funds can go to those in need.

For readers still in work, we hope that purchasing the magazine will offer an inspiring and affordable way to share a little bit of income with the cultural community. Weighing in at 176 beautifully designed pages packed with art and ideas from the biggest and brightest names, it’s pretty good value.

The magazine is available at community pricing rates. Students and those out of work can receive a copy for a minimum cost, and those who can afford a bit more can choose their price.


Wolfgang Tillmans

Miranda July

Tyler Mitchell

Collier Schorr

Julie Verhoeven

Richard Kern

Honey Dijon

Andrea Arnold

Ed Ruscha


Vivienne Westwood

Stephen Shore

Viviane Sassen

William Wegman

Jonas Lindstroem

Scott King

Horoscopes by Raven Smith

Poems by Tim Key

DIY with Tom Sachs

Film by Karen Krizanovich

Self Help by Naomi Shimada

News Briefs from Climate Lockdown

Dance by Lily McMenamy

TV Guide by Dan Fox & Jack Davison

Classifieds by Lloyd Corporation

Music from Louise Chen

The Anonymous Sex Journal

Gardening with Jasmine Amussen

Interiors by Natalia Rachlin

Drama by Caroline Horton

Travel by Marguerite Humeau & Yuri Pattison

Magnum Photos

Brain Dead

Total Luxury Spa

Perks & Mini

Cali Thornhill Dewitt

Emily Mae Smith

Daniel David Freeman

Carol Bove

Marcel Dzama

Nicole Eisenmann

Ben Sansbury

Beni Bischof

Annie Collinge

Charlie Engman

Anthony Burrill

Kate Gibb

Bráulio Amado

Elena Boils

Stephen Claydon

Maria Contreras Aravena

Isabella Cotier

Sara Cwynar

Chloe le Drezen

Matthew Frame

Seana Gavin

Halima Haruna

Ashley Holmes

Mike Nelson

Hamish Pearch

Kyle Platts

Evren Tekinoktay

Monique Todd

Job Wouters

Comics by

Bedwyr Williams

Camille Henrot

Paul Noble

Ella Kruglyanska

Essays by

Georgina Johnson

Paul Maheke


Evan Ifekoya

Danielle Braithwaite Shirley

And a purgatorial aperitivo with

Jessica Kollar Central, Zurich

Maxwell Robbins Longman & Eagle, Chicago

Mason Hereford Turkey & The Worf, New Orleans

Willy Borrell Ladies & Gentleman, London

Ben Chapman Smoking Goat, London

Birk Voss Rouge Oysters, Copenhagen

Tom Harris The Marksman, London

Missy Flynn Rita's, London


Publisher Nick Chapin

Editor Francesca Gavin

Creative Director Dave Lane

Art Director Lauren Barrett

Contributing Editor Anne Bourgeois-Vignon

Editorial Assistant Emily Chancey

Animation Wei Prior

Social Media Nada Debeaumont

Website Jonathan Rugunda Quaade

Publishing Partner WePresent

Contact and Legal

For more information please contact: info@limbomagazine.com